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Why Adventure Travel Rocks


At some point in our lives, all of us entertain the idea of what it would be like to travel the world, see the sights, climb the mountains, swim in the seas, explore the jungles, and indulge in every adventure in between. However, if you’re like most people, you keep right on dreaming. If you’ve decided to get into better shape and work on becoming healthier, you just may want to look into making those dreams a reality. While it’s true that any exercise is better than none at all, more and more studies are proving that exercise which takes place outdoors in nature delivers far more benefits than that which is confined to the gym. ┬áSo, while you may feel at home on your treadmill, consider breaking out of your comfort zone and look into adventure travel.




Adventure travel refers to trips that are planned specifically for the activities that are available at the chosen destination(s). Swimming with sharks, zip lining through the jungle, a jungle expedition, visiting the Grand Canyon for hiking. The possibilities are only as endless as your own imagination and sense of daring. Adventure travel is exciting, rewarding, and the health benefits are unmatched by any other form of exercise. Not to mention the memories that will be made will last a lifetime.




Adventure travel goes beyond improving physical fitness. Mental and emotional well being are just as important to overall health as that of the body. Adventure travel and it’s activities provide new experiences which broaden the mind and encourage self awareness. Goals, dreams and fantasies are realized, leading to an incredible sense of self accomplishment and pride.



In today’s society built around all things hi tech, adventure travel offers an escape and gets you back to nature, back to your true self, a place you may have never even been before. Leave the tablet, laptop, and video game console at home as you head out to bask in the fresh air and lush landscapes awaiting you.
Adventure travel also builds your sense of social awareness in matters of nature.

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Bjorn Nilsen is a personal trainer and adventure tour leader near the Saltstraumen whirlpool in Bodo, Norway. He is the Founder and principal operator of Saltstraumen Adventure, personalized adventure tours for all ages and capabilities.

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