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The Best Treadmills According to Bjorn


As a personal trainer and adventure leader I have the luxury of spending most of my time out having fun in the great outdoors and getting exercise. However, I also need to spend a lot of time planning our excursions and coming up with fitness plans for my clients which means a lot of time at a desk. Some time ago I realized that I needed a better way to stay in shape between adventures because all the sitting down time in the office was starting to have negative effects on my fitness.



As you know, sitting is killing us very steadily as a society. It is one reason that the average lifespan of the American man is on the decline for the first time in decades. Sitting decreases your metabolism so that you end up putting on more weight and it stops proper blood flow throughout your body because you are essentially folding yourself in half. However, many of us, and many of my clients are required to do a certain amount of desk work for our full time jobs even though we would much rather be on active outdoor adventures.

For the past 5 years, I have been a faithful user of a standing desk and treadmill combination machine that I bought, and it is my ideal way of working. I don’t normally jog or do anything fast but simply being able to walk slowly is a way to keep blood flowing and stay active in my mind and body over the hours I need to spend in the office. I found that no matter what kind of chair I used, I couldn’t shake the restless feeling and fog that settles in after a few hours, but now that is no problem.

If you work at home or have the space in your office, but need to maintain your fitness for outdoor adventures or for your general health, I recommend that you should get an active working desk like a treadmill desk or standing desk that you can fit a treadmill under. This will allow you to walk at a moderate pace to keep your body active while your mind works and your fingers type or you make calls.



The LifeSpan TR 1200-DT5 is the best standing desk treadmill I have ever used and it is what’s currently in my office at my training gym. I found it after poring over many of the treadmill desk reviews on the internet. It has just two simple speed settings of either 2 or 4 miles per hour, which for me is a stroll or a steady walk. I find that the slower one is best for typing and the faster one for when I need to read a research article or scroll online. I also like that I can sync the walking data from the treadmill to my iPhone so i can get a sense of how active I was while I worked.

Even if you do not work from home, I recommend having some home exercise equipment to keep up your daily routine when it is too cold or rainy outside to go for a run our bike ride outdoors. If you want good advice on the best indoor bikes, check out Home Fitness Intel. I have a bit more experience with rowing machines and I can confidently recommend to you the Concept II rowing machine as the best for indoor training. For bikes, I will leave it to the expert reviews here:

The LifeSpan TR1200i is the best treadmill I have used beside my standing desk. In fact, this is the same model as that model but it has more treadmill features and no desk frame. I recommend it to my clients because it has a lifetime warranty and also folds conveniently so that it is easy to store in small homes where there is no room for a fitness machine to stand all the time. It is good for running, walking, and jogging.

I hope this blog has inspired you to take a more active approach to your indoor office work. Thank you for reading.

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